June Update on Calendar

I’ve made a commitment with myself of posting updates of the stuff I’m working once a week. This one is the first, and I expected to be out by Monday, but an octopress update and a plugin installation for handling image galleries kept me from doing it.

By now, I’m a little tired of writing, therefore I’ll be quick about it.

A few weeks ago I restarted the work on Calendar with the hope of adding a bunch of new features in Gtk+ to the project. I started by creating a new branch, since I was sure the build would break a lot times in between, and didn’t want to spoil master

I’d set for myself a bunch of points I want to accomplish by rewriting the UI and some of them has been done, some others, not yet. That’s the main reason why I keep the branch still around. As soon as I feel the work is done, I’ll come back to work on master

I wanted to:

  1. Ditch clutter dependency. Use only Gtk+ widgets.
  2. Include GtkSearchBar, GtkStack and some of the latest Gnome UI guidelines
  3. Use GtkBuilder’s ui files as much as I can
  4. Rework week-view to use GtkOverlay instead of my own solution

So far 1, 2 and 3 has been accomplished. Point number 4 is going well since I manage to craft a day-view with the same requirements of week-view that does not need to use GtkOverlay.

Some of the work done is showcased below