Software Updates

It’s been a very long time since I posted anything. You might not know, I live in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, one of the cities trashed by the hurricane Sandy. That left us a bunch of loses and lack of communication for weeks. We went without power for at least 14 days, so you can imagine why I was not posting updates. Some time has passed and the city is growing back from its ashes.

I’ve been working on Calendar, trying to get some minimal functioning application, to get something out for you to use, and then I can continue improving the rest. For now, I’ve focused on enable a fully working the “Event Details” dialog. The thing is kinda clunky yet, but it works. It needs more polish and heavy testing, though.

I also went and made a year-view implementation, which is almost fully functional. This one was easy, was almost copy/paste from the old month-view implementation. The month-view also received a full face-lift. The previous version had some super-rough edges when months didn’t fit in a 35 cells grid. That has been fixed, our designers pulled some rabbits out of their hats. The new design, which is already implemented suggest a scrolling animation, but I want to be sure it works before going into it.

I’m trying to get Calendar in beta shape for 3.8 release. I’m still need to implement three views: list-view, day-view and week-view, and the search mechanism, with the results showing. For the week-view I have an implementation which have scrolling issues, I have to take care of.

Some minor mojo I don’t want to pass unnoticed:

  • Squared buttons in the toolbar, thxs to Debarshy Ray for the suggestion and Cosimo’s libgd for the hack.
  • We added a proper use of g_clear_object
  • Simple keyboard shortcuts, for Quit and change amount views.

Now some screenshots