Moving to Fedora

I’ve been using Archlinux for about 4 years now, and I’ve been pretty happy about it. The thing is, as I become more involved in Gnome development, I’ve feel the best distro for such a purpose is Fedora.

Now, you can argue a bunch of powerful reasons, but the people who package Gnome in Fedora knows Gnome internals, so the chance you’ll end up getting a better experience is higher. I should tell Gnome packagers in Archlinux to stay a little bit closer to upstream Gnome developers. Another reason for staying with Arch would have been to test Gnome across different distros, and I know that would help, but I felt I needed a change.

There’s another point, since I’m dedicating more time now to develop stuff, I spent less time configuring stuff and tweaking my system, I’m starting to see my laptop as a tool for development, not the toy it used to be. The only thing I require of a distro right now is:

  • Having a package of vim. I’ll install the plugins myself.
  • Having gcc/g++ and the man pages of those. Which I found yesterday I don’t have in Fedora.
  • Having devhelp, and GLib/Gtk+ docs.
  • Ohh, and not having KDE installed by default.

So, by now, I’ve been on Fedora for almost a month according to last, and I’m pretty happy with it.

See you soon, to let u know some Calendar advances.