Updates to Gnome-calendar

It’s been long time since I published any stuff, errr. I’ve been busy. So, to the point.

Calendar is moving forward, slower than I would like, but is moving. From the last time, I’ve started the implementation of the event-view, and I say started cause there’s missing functionality yet, but the widgets part is almost done. For now, it deletes your events, so be careful, that’s the only button that really works. I’ve set in-place some code to enable notifications, but that will have to wait a little yet. The toolbar has got some changes, mostly added behavior to the change between views, and some internal refactoring.

The most important stuff is: the screenshots you’ll see below will show you one thing, the event-view need some redesign to occupy all that empty space. There’s host/guest part still missing implementation, but I know it won’t fill all the space. On the other hand, I’ll need some symbolic icon for the reminders, to show in the views (monthly, daily, etc.). There’s still the issue of the navigation controls presentation, which I don’t like been shown by pressing , but that will come eventually.

This work is pretty skeleton-like, there’s a bunch of stuff that needs to be retouched, so, any thing you find, feel free to reach me.

Now the shots: The first one is the month-view, the only one working right now, and the others are of the event-view.