Finished Migration

I can say the migration is finished. There’s till my blog online but that could be left for later. I think on putting a redirect there, or just taking it down.

The thing is that octopress is a pretty comfortable scheme. It allows me to write and sanitize my blog at home, or wherever I have my laptop, no matter if I’m online or not. The point is I can do a bunch of stuff in my pc without internet connection, which is a very rare affair in under-developed countries.

There’s still stuff missing, and I’ll try to add it on the way. I would like update my twitter stream with my posts automatically from rake deploy task, but since Twitter now uses OAuth, that became a mess, and I don’t understand OAuth scheme yet, so I’ll have to let it be for a while. I was concern at first for my spelling, but now anymore, my vim has spell checking, and after change rake new_post task to launch vim with spell checking set on, it’s way better than Wordpress correction system.

So, as you can see, so far so good, I like this pretty much, and think is easier and better than Wordpress. I encourage you people to join.