Initial Commit

As you can see, the migration to octopress started with the right foot. The blog is up and running, and I just have to try three times. That was an easy one. The first time I installed gentoo, took me about ten times to get it right.

I had some help, some guy named zanshin in #octopress at freenode, and the docs at Now I’ve installed a new theme, added my tweets stream, and I’m on the way to migrate my content from the previous wordpress blog. I have found a tool named exitwp in some post of another guy in the same situation, and will test it soon.

You know what’s missing ? You probably have see all those sites where you make an account for yourself, and they ask you for an URL, like your site. Well, I’ve been putting the wordpress site there. My bad, that should be set on a central place, now I have to go changing that address everywhere. Maybe I should make a redirect page in the wordpress blog, although I have to say, I’ve never had too many readers.

Ohh, there’s other stuff missing, one that I probably miss a lot. have a spell checking utility, well, octopress hasn’t one. It’s up to my vim, and I’m pretty lazy. Since english isn’t my mother tongue. I’ll have to look out for error and typos.