Getting Warnings Out of Clutter

It’s been a while since I blogged anything. Well, I actually did some ranting about starting this new blog. But that really doesn’t count. I should make a post saying what I’ve been up to. But I’m lazy. I’ve been:

  • Learning some Qt (and I doesn’t like it, maybe I tell something about this later)
  • Using SleekXMPP python library
  • Learning ruby (Did I said this already ?)
  • Learning Clutter, and here we stop.

While I was trying to pull some code using Clutter and Gtk+, before you ask, I was trying to put GtkWidget inside Clutter Actors to get some fancy animation, I got into some minor troubles, which I think those newbies like me out there should know.

First, if you read the blog of the might Emmanuele Bassi (Clutter’s author and main developer) you then came across this post Had a dream. I did, and I wanted to get those warning they talk about so my code would need to be modified pretty much anything when those API get deprecated. Well, I didn’t, I mean I used deprecated API and my compiler wasn’t throwing me warnings. Someone told me that I needed to use a decent set of compilers flags, and I tried, nah, still nothing. I went into IRC, I found help there and after a while, I was told to add this to my compiler options


This finally solved the issue and I’m having pretty warnings every time I use an old method which should be destroyed in a couple of months.