Blogging From Github With Octopress

Today I’ve been looking finally at how to deploy an Octopress based blog into Github. It’s been a while since I saw octopress, and I always liked the motto, it goes something like: blogging for hackers, and it sounds cool. I do have to say I don’t think of myself as a hacker, I’m more the guy who look to dig in the code of every piece of software I use, even when I know I don’t the time to.

Anyway, after a big while, and my request of my wordpress blog inclusion in Planet Gnome went stalled. I decided to go using Octopress, first I emailed the guys in Github since I have my doubts about using their system for ranting about stuff not related with ruby/rails and stuff. But they said they’re fine with that. I do have to say I’ve been learning some ruby these past days, there’s this RubyMonk site which is pretty cool, and I found out RubyKoans too which are pretty impressive too, although my lack of some supercharged environment is killing my advance there. Well after all that I think is pretty logic to try this move.

Here ends the drafting part