Moving to Fedora

I’ve been using Archlinux for about 4 years now, and I’ve been pretty happy about it. The thing is, as I become more involved in Gnome development, I’ve feel the best distro for such a purpose is Fedora.

Now, you can argue a bunch of powerful reasons, but the people who package Gnome in Fedora knows Gnome internals, so the chance you’ll end up getting a better experience is higher. I should tell Gnome packagers in Archlinux to stay a little bit closer to upstream Gnome developers. Another reason for staying with Arch would have been to test Gnome across different distros, and I know that would help, but I felt I needed a change.

There’s another point, since I’m dedicating more time now to develop stuff, I spent less time configuring stuff and tweaking my system, I’m starting to see my laptop as a tool for development, not the toy it used to be. The only thing I require of a distro right now is:

  • Having a package of vim. I’ll install the plugins myself.
  • Having gcc/g++ and the man pages of those. Which I found yesterday I don’t have in Fedora.
  • Having devhelp, and GLib/Gtk+ docs.
  • Ohh, and not having KDE installed by default.

So, by now, I’ve been on Fedora for almost a month according to last, and I’m pretty happy with it.

See you soon, to let u know some Calendar advances.

Updates to Gnome-calendar

It’s been long time since I published any stuff, errr. I’ve been busy. So, to the point.

Calendar is moving forward, slower than I would like, but is moving. From the last time, I’ve started the implementation of the event-view, and I say started cause there’s missing functionality yet, but the widgets part is almost done. For now, it deletes your events, so be careful, that’s the only button that really works. I’ve set in-place some code to enable notifications, but that will have to wait a little yet. The toolbar has got some changes, mostly added behavior to the change between views, and some internal refactoring.

The most important stuff is: the screenshots you’ll see below will show you one thing, the event-view need some redesign to occupy all that empty space. There’s host/guest part still missing implementation, but I know it won’t fill all the space. On the other hand, I’ll need some symbolic icon for the reminders, to show in the views (monthly, daily, etc.). There’s still the issue of the navigation controls presentation, which I don’t like been shown by pressing , but that will come eventually.

This work is pretty skeleton-like, there’s a bunch of stuff that needs to be retouched, so, any thing you find, feel free to reach me.

Now the shots: The first one is the month-view, the only one working right now, and the others are of the event-view.

Introducing Calendar

This should be old news for some, but good news for community I hope. About a week I uploaded the firsts bits of Gnome Calendar application as sketched here. It just do very few stuff, but it’s a start. The main design is done, and I’ll keep working on it.

The code was uploaded to github at first, but after talking with gnome’s servers sysadmins we agree the code could be hosted in

I’m very happy of getting the project live, I know there’s a lot of work ahead, and I’ll be on it alternating with Gnome Contacts’ work, which is mostly done by Alex.

I have to thanks all the gnome hackers for its great response.

Keep in touch.

I’m on Planet Gnome

Since last Friday I’m a proud member of Planet Gnome. I notice my last two post on Planet Gnome feed, and was a huge joy. After the initial excitement I realize what a great responsibility encloses the fact of being able of publish there, and certain fear went deep into my bones.

Anyway, and introduction is mandatory. My name is: Erick Pérez Castellanos, and I’m a software developer from Cuba. I studied Computer Science like 4 years ago or so, and I’ve been using Linux since for ever it seems. I became involved with Gnome last year, after wanting to for a very long time. I’ve been contributing to Contacts, as you can see here in the archive of the blog, and I’m planning to keep on. So, till next time, I’ll see you around.

Finished Migration

I can say the migration is finished. There’s till my blog online but that could be left for later. I think on putting a redirect there, or just taking it down.

The thing is that octopress is a pretty comfortable scheme. It allows me to write and sanitize my blog at home, or wherever I have my laptop, no matter if I’m online or not. The point is I can do a bunch of stuff in my pc without internet connection, which is a very rare affair in under-developed countries.

There’s still stuff missing, and I’ll try to add it on the way. I would like update my twitter stream with my posts automatically from rake deploy task, but since Twitter now uses OAuth, that became a mess, and I don’t understand OAuth scheme yet, so I’ll have to let it be for a while. I was concern at first for my spelling, but now anymore, my vim has spell checking, and after change rake new_post task to launch vim with spell checking set on, it’s way better than Wordpress correction system.

So, as you can see, so far so good, I like this pretty much, and think is easier and better than Wordpress. I encourage you people to join.